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 Please print the order form and it send along with your business cards:  (The order form is available in either Excel or PDF format)
Pricing: 4  to 9 tags: $3.10 usd each 10 to 18 tags: $2.65 usd each 19+ tags: $2.40 usd each (Minimum order quantity is 4 ea)  
Shipping charge: 4 to 16 tags: $5.70 usd 19+ tags: $8.23 usd
Please note the following: - Please do not paper clip your business cards together. - Please send a few extra business cards with your order.  - If possible, wrap the business cards in paper so they do not shift around in your envelope,  The ink sometimes   transfers from one card to the other during their journey here.
The laminating pouches we use to create the luggage tags are 20 mil thick.  By using a 14 mil laminating pouch instead of a 20 mil pouch we can laminate 2 business cards back to back.  There is no extra charge for this process. Please indicate your preference on the order form.
Custom laminated business card luggage tags
Luggage tags made from your personal business card
Order form