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Custom laminated business card luggage tags
We’ve created countless custom tags for amateur and professional sports teams and businesses throughout the world.  We can create custom 2 sided team tags, providing vivid team identity, for as little as $5.50 each!
To view templates for various sports click on the links below:
Note:  We are not licensed to use professional or university/college names, logos, or mascots on our tags, then sell them to the general public. If you do have a logo to use that does not infringe on a copyright license, e-mail it to us at jim@luggagetags.net The file should be at least 300mb and the background of the image should be transparent, if possible.  An example of a transparent background is shown below:
Privacy Policy We respect your privacy. All information obtained will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused…..ever. Sample templates displayed on our website have been edited to keep our customer information private.
Custom tags order form:
We have templates for football, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball,  swimming, diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball & wrestling…and more…but haven’t added them here yet.
Please read this before completing the custom tags order form: When you find a template design you like, enter the corresponding template number on the order form. The designs are flexible.  We can add your name, team logo, player position, jersey number, home address, etc. If you like the general design of a certain template but want to change the sport theme we can do that also.  E-mail us your request and we will work with you.
Don’t see a template style you like?  Contact us and we will work together to create one for you!   We do charge a one time design fee of $25.00.
The image of the hockey puck below does not have a transparent background. This background is white.  The only background color this puck could be compatible with is white.
The image of the hockey puck below does have a transparent background. Since the background is transparent this puck will be compatible with any color background or it could be blended with other images.
If your image does not have a transparent background, we will work with the existing logo background color and arrange so it fits well with the template theme you choose.
Custom tags